Frequently Asked Questions – Employers


1. What is the cost for using the platform?

This platform is completely free of charge. Signing up, posting a job and receiving applications is all for free.


2. What is the motive behind

The platform was created with a single goal in mind: helping to integrate refugees into German society through our expertise – the job market. We rely solely on voluntary work and funding, using a non-for-profit model to change the lives of many thousands of refugees in Germany.


3. How is this job platform helping to integrate people in Germany?

We see our mission as helping people who were forced to leave their homes and come to Germany as refugees. This platform helps them to land their first job here and give them a valuable step up to in contributing to society.


4. How can I increase the number of applications?

Creating an attractive job description is very important. You can also consider including the salary range so job seekers who search by salary will find your post. Finally, ensure that your company description is accurate, clear and always up to date.


5. Can I “save” people I’m interested in?

Yes! We provide a feature that lets you search and save people who fit your requirements.


6. How do I contact the applicant?

Each application comes with contact information. You are free to contact them by email or phone as you please.